Via Ferrata Arma – Parnitha Mountain

Winter time in Greece is a very interesting season. Weather conditions can vary from mild to extremely harsh. For this weekend, our initial plan was to visit Vardousia mountain for a winter mountaineering ascent, though the extreme winds (more that 80 km/h) forced us to change our plans. Due to the fact we wanted to try something new, we have decided to visit the splendid Via Ferrata “Arma” which is located on Mount Parnitha.

Mt. Parnitha is located in Attiki province, 25km N from the city of Athens.It is one of the 4 mountains(the others are Immitos, Penteli and Aigaleo) that surround the circular plain,in which the city of Athens is built. Mt Parnitha is the talllest and more impressive among the mountains that surround Athens.

Via Ferrata Arma – starting/end point

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